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Lawn & Pest Control Services in Sebastian, Fl.

Quality Pest Control Services For Sebastian Home & Business Owners

Discover the natural splendor and rich history of Sebastian along Florida’s central Atlantic coast. Sebastian is nestled between Vero Beach and Melbourne along Indian River Lagoon, considered North America’s most biologically diverse estuary, and is conveniently located across from Sebastian Inlet, Florida’s premier fishing and surfing spot on the east coast, with a vast array of activities and attractions for eco-lovers, adventures seekers and relaxation enthusiasts. Sebastian is home to Pelican Island, America’s first National Wildlife Refuge, and is also known for its unspoiled beauty, diverse fishing – from world-class bass fishing to deep-sea fishing adventures. You’ll find pristine waterways perfect for kayaking and paddleboarding, scenic pontoon & airboat tours, world-renowned surfing and skydiving, and abundant birding and wildlife viewing. Sebastian is also known for the rare antiquities that have washed up on its shores. A shipwreck from the 1715 Spanish Plate Fleet left many treasures along Sebastian’s coast, and many treasure hunters continue to search the shoreline for other artifacts. Stroll the picturesque riverfront adorned with dockside restaurants serving fresh catches and marinas harboring fishing and sightseeing boats. Browse art galleries, visit treasure, historical and art museums, go beachcombing for treasure or just cruise the Indian River Lagoon National Scenic Byway. Unfortunately, despite all of its beauty, residents here in Sebastian, Florida still face problems with a variety of nuisance, dangerous, and destructive pests including ants, mosquitoes, termites, and more. For this reason, the pest control professionals at Green Island Lawn & Pest. offer effective pest control solutions designed to keep your property pest-free, and your life stress-free, so you can get out and enjoy the view!

Home Pest Control In Sebastian, FL

Whether you own a seasonal home here in Sebastian or are a year-round local, investing in residential pest control is a must! Pests invade homes here in Florida every day, and without the proper defense, your home could be next! Unless you enjoy sharing your living space with insect and rodent pests, quality pest control from a trusted pest control professional is what you need!

When you trust us at Green Island Lawn & Pest. with the care and protection of your home, you’ll get just that! Our quality treatments not only work quickly to eliminate invading pests from your property, but also to keep them away for good. To help keep unwanted pests from interfering with your quality of life, consider choosing Green Island Lawn & Pest as your pest control provider!

For more information about our residential pest control services and how they could benefit your home and property, give us a call at (772) 766-0622!

Guide To Rodent Control For Sebastian, Florida Residents

Here in Sebastian, rodents are a major year-round problem. And when they invade, not only are their habits unpleasant, but they are also destructive and dangerous!

No matter where they choose to invade, when rodents find their way inside, the following problems come along with them:

For restaurants, rodents are a major health risk, contaminating counters, food prep areas, and even the food items themselves.

For hotels, if rodents are spotted are spotted inside your establishment, they will be a sure-fire deterrent to your guests.

For homeowners, rodents an all-around menace, damaging belongings, wiring, and piping as well as getting into food items and frightening your family members.

The good news is, you don’t have to deal with those rodents any longer. If rodents have invaded your home or business, Green Island Lawn & Pest has a solution for you to get rid of those rodent invaders for good! Our trapping techniques and rodent exclusion methods have been proven effective at dealing with rodent infestations time and time again. For help eliminating your rodent problem or to talk to one of our service representatives about rodent control options, give us a call at Green Island today!

Commercial Pest Control Services In Sebastian, FL

How many times have you heard of the presence of pests helping a business succeed? Unless you are thinking of a pet store that sells domesticated mice and rats, chances are you probably can’t think of any, and rightly so! They’re called pests for a reason. Sometimes all it takes is one pest sighting in your establishment for your business to be at risk. Did you know that 56% of diners that see pests in a restaurant take their experience to the internet either in the form of a negative review, social media post, or sometimes even a dedicated blog post? And that’s just restaurants! If you own a business here in Sebastian, we highly recommend investing in quality pest control. It’s a great way to protect not only your investments, but also your reputation. And customers can’t complain if they have nothing to complain about. If you’re in need of professional pest control for your Sebastian business, contact us at Green Island Lawn & Pest. We’re confident that we can provide the quality services needed to solve your pest problem!

Protect Your Sebastian, Florida Property From Termite Damage

Here in Florida, our year-round warm weather and humid climate provides termites with exactly what they need to not only survive, but to thrive. That means they can eat away at the wood of homes and businesses no matter what time of year it is. And therein lies the reason why termites are especially problematic for Sebastian residents!

If you are worried about termites finding their way onto your property and eating away at the structural wood of your home, then it’s time to consider the benefits that investing in professional termite prevention through Green Island Lawn & Pest could have for you! In fact, you’ll be hard-pressed to find termite control & prevention services better than the ones we offer. To eliminate and prevent termite problems, we use Sentricon®, a termite bait and elimination system that is trusted and used by both the United States Capitol as well as The Statue of Liberty. And if that doesn’t scream “effective”, then we don’t know what will. To have your own Sentricon System® installed on your property or to learn more about how we handle termites infestations, reach out to us at Green Island Lawn & Pest. Our staff is ready and standing by to lend a helping