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Termite Control in Vero Beach

Your property is a valuable asset you continually have to protect from various situations. A termite invasion is one of the worst experiences a property owner can face. These wood-loving creatures show no mercy as they steadily eat away at your cellulose-based materials. Only when the damage is evident do you realize it’s time to […]

UF unveils new tool to determine termite risk

Termites cause billions of dollars a year in damages to homes, trees and other wooden structures across America. In Florida, termite infestations are a year-round risk for properties and trees. While they are not swarming year-round, they consistently forage and develop new colonies, leaving signs of their presence. Fortunately, scientists at the University of Florida Institute of […]

Malaria in America: How concerned should you be?

Malaria in America: How Wary of Mosquitoes Should Floridians Be? Serving Central FL, Northern FL and the Panhandle Florida’s enchanting landscapes, warm climate, and abundant water sources are what many residents and visitors cherish. However, amidst the beauty, a hidden threat looms the risk of malaria transmission by mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are one of the most […]